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Our Unique Features

Resume Parser

Powerful parsing technology that extracts data from almost all the formats of resumes including doc and pdf.. Assess and manage applicant‘s information

Saves time and cost of manual entries

Email & Sms Support

Inbuilt bulk e-mail and sms mechanism to reach thousands of job-seekers in a click. Engage your candidates through a single platform

Enhances branding and candidate experience

IVR Calling

Reach large number of jobseekers at a click and register their responses automatically. Saves manual calling time and efforts .Works as a virtual recruiter

Improves line-up rate and closures

Candidate Sourcing

Automated candidate sourcing in a click from all the channels like social media ,job boards ,colleges, consultants, freelance recruiters at one platform

Create reusable unique database

Interview Scheduling

Schedule/re-schedule and cancel interviews at a click of a button. Auto confirmations and reminders make the process hassle free

Improves quality of hiring

Auto Profile Matching

AI based algorithms provides best matching resumes as per the job description. Intelligent profile matching decrease your time to hire and improves ROI

Derive speed and accuracy

Create your own ATS

We offer you the flexibility to create your own ATS based on the requirement and the budget

Go ahead and create your own Applicant Tracking System, its simple !

Create My ATS

AI based Automated recruitment platform

An AI based automated recruitment Platform has an algorithm based matching mechanism,streamlines the recruitment process by automating high-volume and time-consuming tasks, such as candidate sourcing, candidate screening and interview scheduling

  • AI based Intelligent profile matching
  • Effective Resume parsing
  • Automatic Email and sms notification
  • Automates the tedious and repititive tasks such manual entry
  • Focus on candidate rich experience
  • Automatically recommend matching Jobs to the candidates


An advanced applicant tracking system facilitating creation of hiring workflow . Helps in improves the quality of hire and reduces the cost per hire. A valuable addition to the recruitment and talent acquisition process of the organisation

  • Structured Job description template for finding relevant profiles
  • One click job posting to social media and job boards
  • Auto scheduling/re-scheduling and cancelling of interviews
  • Manages candidate on-boarding process
  • Effective hiring process providing maximum ROI


A single platform with complete database management to create your own unique talent pool. The candidates can be sourced from all the database sourcing channels such as social media , job boards , vendors, colleges

  • Centralized candidate database of your active and passive candidates
  • Advance search feature with filters and tags for AI based matching resumes
  • Chrome extension for candidate sourcing
  • Restricts data duplicacy
  • Multiple database import and export


A recruitment solution with extensive detailed reporting and analytics. Helps in recruitment analysis for effective performance and process optimization. Advanced hiring analytics helps you take right decisions and extract maximum ROI

  • Manage hierarchy wise roles and responsibilties of each users
  • Data driven reporting for all users, region as well as hierarchy wise
  • Track your each employee recruitment activities
  • Track your freelancers and vendor via one platform
  • Advanced analytics to optimize talent acquisition strategies


An integrated recruitment system comprising E-mail, sms and automatic IVR calling. Auto interview scheduling/re-scheduling /cancelling as well as auto-reminders and confirmations. Automatic process attracts the potential candidates in bulk

  • Bulk email and sms support
  • Integrated automatic IVR calling mechanism
  • Advertise your job to 1000’s of jobseekers in just a click
  • Automatic candidate response registration improves line up rates and closures
  • Enhanced candidate experience


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