College Manager

India being the nation of youngsters, colleges and Institutes are very important data sources for recruitment. However, connecting to them on any recruitment platform or ATS has been a challenge. Skillmirror has come up with a solution thorugh which jobs can be opened to colleges based on their specializations, data received, feeback shared and even on-boarding being done. The analytics peace in it helps track the best ones for sourcing.

Create account as per the education specialization

  • Rich college profile creation with complete details such as educational specialization, location and other personal details of concerned authority
  • Structured account creation template

AI backed workflow automation

  • Automate the whole process of assigning jobs to college and receiving applications
  • College can see the structured and detailed job description as well as suitable candidates towards it

College sharing the right set of data

  • Structured and detailed job descripition helps in suggesting right candidates
  • Acquire the data online from all the colleges at one platform

Track and control college accounts

  • The accounts of colleges can be created, tracked and activated/de-activated as per the requirement
  • Track online the job allocation to the colleges

Reports and Analytics for performance measurment

  • System provides detailed reports to identify best performing colleges
  • Analytics view understanding the performance and its comparison

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