Employee Referral

Lately, employee referral has come up as the most potent source to fill the open positions. However, managing the employee referrals and motivating them to keep referring is in itself a big task. Skillmirror AI based employee referral system is detailed enough to capture all referrals, be it against the jobs or referred otherwise.

Employees can see the awaiting rewards,feedback of their referees, payments and other analytic based information.

Employers can track all the employee referrals. Otherwise referred jobseekers for whom there were no jobs earlier or who could not be picked in the jobs they weree referred for, are picked by the system as recommended as soon as the new and relevant job is created.

Employers get detailed reports and anaytics on employee referral contribution, to help them optimise their hiring strategy and optimise ROI.

Refer the candidates

  • Added employees can see the jobs inviting them to refer the candidates
  • Candidates can directly be added without tagging them against any job
  • Rewards can be inputted online on each successful referrals for referer
  • Single or multiple candidates can be added through csv

Track the process

  • Referrer can online track the feedback of their referees
  • Employees can track the status of their successful referees
  • The date of joining and payment status are available online

Reports and Analytics for performance measurement

  • Measure overall referral program performance with extensive reports
  • Detailed analytics to optimize the referral program strategies

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