Field Recruiter

The data available on the job baoards,social sites, vendors, career page applications and other sources may not be sufficient to close the open positions, more so in case of bulk hiring. Unique direct data collection from the identified market and competitors becomes the need of an hour.

Field recruiter helps you capture the data live while your recruiter is working live in the market. The authenticity of the data is validated through One Time Passwords (OTP). The field recruiter can further capture their referees as well.

Ease of collecting reliable data

  • Field recruiter can online add the interested job-seekers while being on field
  • Hassle free and quick data input in the system

Data validation via OTP

  • All the added job-seeker data have to be validated through OTP
  • Easily track the validation process of each candidate data

Referral program for added jobseeker

  • Candidates can further refer using mobile number to login in the system
  • Every referral can be tracked in the system

Track your field recruiter’s perfomance

  • The accounts of colleges can be created ,tracked and activated/de-activated
  • The field recruiter can further be incentivized based on their data collection quality and performance

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