Freelancer Manager

Freelancers help increase the capacity to work yet not impacting the working capital requirement. They are mostly on-boarded on revenue sharing model. But to manage their workflow and the data sharing is quite a big challenge.

Skillmirror has a perfect answer to the biggest recruitment requirement. Freelancer HRs, Voice and accent trainers or domain experts can be alloted work through the skillmirror application. The work flow can accordingly be set.

AI backed system suggests the best performers to be allocated the work. The performance of each one of them can be tracked. Extensive reports and analytics are available on the efficacy of the process as well as the individual resources.

Create account as per the job specific specialization

  • Rich freelancer profile creation for recruiters, voice and accent trainers and domain experts for screening
  • Expertise is captured in the system for the application to suggest relevant work

Job Assigning to freelancer

  • Freelancers can accept or reject a job after reading job descriptions
  • Reason of rejection can also be captured for future job assigning
  • Tentative amount per hire is captured in the job description

Freelancer workflow

  • Submit online the data to the freelancers for screening. They can add their own data as well in the system
  • Freelancers can use different features as per their roles and permissions such as social media posting,Chrome extension for job board,email,sms,ivr,interview scheduling and screening
  • Detailed roles and permission settings for each one of them

Screening features

  • Freelancers can screen and further schedule interviews through the system
  • Screening feature includes complete feedback of the candidate
  • Complete data security is ,aintained in the system

Track and control freelancers accounts

  • The accounts of freelancer can be created, tracked and activated/de-activated
  • Payment status can be tracked through the system
  • Employer can enable/disable the features of freelancer as per their roles and permissions like data export,sms,email,ivr,job creation and interview scheduling

Reports and Analytics for ROI optimisation

  • Measure overall performance of freelancers with detailed reports
  • Analytics for better work allocation and strategising

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