Vendor Management

Recruitment Consultants are important data sources for recruitment. They contribute around 18-20% in closing various positions, depending upon the type of requirement. The role of recruitment consultant become all the more lethal when their is a bulk requirement.

Employers consider them as their recruitment channel partners. Their efficacy and apt motivation to support in recruitment process is very important.

Skillmirror application has taken the requirement of both employers and the recruitment consultant into account.

Create account as per hiring expertise of vendor

  • Rich vendor profile creation with specific details like hiring expertise, both vertical and level-wise, location and other personal details
  • User friendly account creation template

Automated workflow management

  • Automate the whole process of assigning jobs to vendors and receiving applications
  • Set up job wise fee/payment
  • Separate vendors login with additional recruiters login

Vendors sharing the right set of data

  • Detailed structured job description helps vendor source right set of data
  • Vendors can submit the data online through their login
  • Acquire data from all vendors at one platform

Tracking of the data and payment

  • Vendors can track online the feedback of their sourced candidates
  • Vendors can track their payment status online

Track and control your vendor accounts

  • The accounts of recruitment partners can be tracked and activated/de-activated as per the requirement
  • All desired controls with enough transparency are given to the stake-holders

Reports and Analytics for ROI optimisation

  • Detailed reports to measure performance of each vendors
  • Analytics to track best performing vendors

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